What are some good ways to get members to be more active? I know that contests can be good incentives. Any other ideas?

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Ooh! That article is by Ted S. He's a member here :)

<< edit >> Just read it ... already doing something very similar on DaniWeb though! Log out and you'll see what I mean.

more ads around the place?

more ads around the place?

Nope its an article by Ted S which explains how VBulletin templates can be tweaked around to add/modify welcome messages which will increase the number of registerations.

There is a no advertising rule around these parts anyways.

the dani$ via paypal arent bad. I jump on your fun little math boggles..
even if theyve already been awarded..

...you gotta be quick. even if it was a buck i would jump just as fast.

Hehe. :) And now our contests forum is open to anyone to post their own contests!

You can create modules such as a store where members have the oppurinty to use thier points to purchase items, whether it be a member feature or a materialisitc object (computer, palm, ect)

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