I seem to have a lot of guests popping in and out but very little of them seem to join. Any recommendations as to what I may be doing wrong ?

Provide them with attractive articles or any interesting techniques and what they expect from your site with newsletters and subscritptions...

Can u please tel me what your site about?


My site is a Football/Sports/Chat about anything really. But yes Football based. But anything goes.

I have an affiliates section so if people want to link up I can advertise your site :-)

Quote latest news about sports in your site at index page with small images...
Its better to put the end user for long time in your site...
And i dont have social sites to put as add...

I am doing all of this. Thing is if I go onto other sports sites and promote they either ban me or remove my link in my sig as they are seeing me trying to steel their members which technically I am but what else am I todo. Ive posted on forums along time but this is the first time I have tried to run my own. Ive put up both myspace and facebook pages but people seem to be using them less and less these days

You have to have a specific targeted audience for your site, I don't think a forum which does everything will be successful, or maybe it will be difficult.

it seems that they don't like your content. Content is also one of the spice on your site.

add new features to user management, what is your site url ?

by the way you it can be robots

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