I am a web developer by profession, also lead manual submission team in my office. We do manual submission to different communities, social media, forums, press release websites. We have separate listings for all such websites.

Just opening a website, creating account, verifying it and then submitting a post is never difficult. But the problem is, more then half of websites just don't work!

I need few guidelines from experts here, what to do with such a huge failure? What else am I doing wrong or any mistakes?

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I think I'm confused what you're trying to accomplish. Manual submission??

I think what you're trying to do is build backlinks ... incoming links from other sites to your website to increase natural listings in the search engines. A couple of links from a forum aren't going to do anything. You need HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of links from blogs, forums, news sites, etc etc etc. The content needs to be so good that people are going to naturally want to link to it from their own websites ... and tell others who tell others, hence the whole viral marketing concept.

Another technique is to find a forum that is related to the website's niche, and participate in the community. A lot. Link to the site in your signature, not in the actual posts. Over time, with lots of really great posts, you'll start to develop a reputation for yourself within the niche. And people will naturally want to see what your site is all about because they'll see that you really know your stuff with regards to the particular topic.

I think gaining backlinks is not only important but getting high PR is important and it should be ethical and should not be considered as black hat technique.

Every owner of a site thinks how he can increase the traffic in his site & also search engine media, forums, press release, article submitting,blogs...etc it may time consuming and cost effective way to build inbound one way links, but it definitely gives us greater control in the submissions. It helps in building a brand and also increases traffic and promotion to your website i thing its good way for work....

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