I was looking into press releases but I wonder about:
1. What have been your experiences?
2. How has it helped your business?
3. Would you do it again?

I heard that PR Web was the best one but I dont know which is which.


Not all internet marketer thinks it's necessary to write a press release. However, this kind of technique can have an important impact on site promotion.

When you decide to set up a site on a lucrative but obscure topic, you can depend on writing press release statements to help you.

The immediate advantages of employing this strategy is: you may have the opportunity to get a hyperlink to your site; a link from a related authority site can help boost the value of your site; you can also get actual traffic from PR sites.

plan may be laid out for an individual product or for the entire company and all its products. In either case, the plan specifies the marketing goals and objectives to be achieved over a specific time period

I agree - so the conclusion is that it is worth the money to have a e-PR wire.

for me e-pr is the same as other seo building effort,all depends on what niche that you writing on and how much demand searching for your niche,if your web niche is unique ,I think e_pr is only wasted,Twitter will enough for you

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