I know this question may seem childish or confusing,but i decided to ask this questions and discuss this matter because of most of the sales pages and ebooks i read concerning making money online.

Most of the Ebooks i have read on how to make money online claim they earn or make big bucks online,some say they make from $10,000 ,some say $50,000 while others say they receive checks of 6 and 7 figures.

But when you come to think of it,u will begin to imagine why you cannot make just $1,000 to $2,000,i have come across some people who say they have not made much since they started their online business when there are people earning much much more.

I think anybody earning such amount of money online on monthly bases must have some good knowledge and experience in internet marketing and such people need to be closed to so that one can also get some money making knowledge and ideas from the one they have acquired so far.

Can anybody on this forum tell us who here that is making such amount of money monthly or close to those figures? or does it mean that all those claimed figures on money making sales pages and ebooks are just lies just to sell their products?

Hope to hear from you my people.



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We are making that much money :) We did not start with any investment ... Instead, completely grew it from the ground up with $0 out of pocket. But it took us over five years to get to this point, and fulltime for better part of it as well.

cscgal,am happy to hear the honest truth from one like u who confessed that it took you people five years,nice talk.

But u see,the news letter and money making reports we receive today from marketers will never tell you that it took them so many years and efforts to get to that figure and above,they will only tell you that their product will make u earn such big amount monthly without stress.

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