Hello internet marketers,

So my situation is that I have 1 or 2 (second is not finished yet) internet sites, the first one have been very frustrating because I've spent money in adwords, link building, directory submitting, and some other stuff and the thing is that I cant get any traffic to it site is up for a year know and I'm not sure it gets a lot of visits (I placed a counter) and webalizer told me only google bots visits it :(

So, I have an interesting offer for you guys, I consider myself really good at programing stuff, so here it is:


of course you have to teach me how to do it, and I will teach you any technical details, I can even give you programming lessons if you give me marketing lessons.

So, if interested please reply this thread, or send a private message.

Thanks guys.

hmmmm seems to be a common problem.,,first follow web 2.0 standards for your site structure than do some SEO on it... which may have been done...
NOW come to social media marketing... make a introduction video and publish it to google video,youtube and many more...
than make a fan page.. hire a Social media marketer to make a fan page of your site and get atleast 700 to 1000 people their... tell them about your site...
than make a twitter account and start following peoples who are interested in your work...tweet every day so that people come to know about your updates
these are some basic rules to start your work to get traffic..
wana know more?

Hi chamoo007,

It is really intresting what you talk about, I've never done social media marketing.
do you have any projects you think we can work together?

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