I decided to come up with a new tactics for my site and the only thing that comes from my mind is "link exchange" because I've never done it before. Suggestions?

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According to me if you will change your link with and good pr site so ya it ok.

The link exchange technique has gained enormous enterprise and popularity in the Planet Wide Web. Even organizations like Microsoft could not stay aside from this sort of innovative idea of company.

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Personally i would not go into link exchange, not even one way link exchange. But thats just me and does not mean you cannot benefit from it. If decided to try it, i would suggest, you make a new sub-page just for that purpose(the exchange links) and preferably link that exchange page only from site map page. Or in other words dont link that exchange page to much through the web site, as it can eat some of the pr juice. And go for one way link exchange.

I think link exchange is a good thing,if you are exchanging links with good PR And niche related website. Google count every link as a vote for your website and consider it as a popularity of your site in a specific niche.

You have taken the right decision to do "Link Exchange" although its not an easy task if we get the oppotunity of link exchange with different website then it benefits us alot like:- It effects our website's PR and google read's all those link's but we must see that the site with which we are exchanging our website link we have not put "no follow" command if they had put the "no follow" command then we will get seo benefits and we must prefer to exchange link with those website only whose pr is more or equivalent to our website.


link exchange is the best way to get backlinks to your website.

I prefer a link in one direction, because we do not need other people to put a link to our blog

Exchanging links is good for blog or websites that has a good pr with high traffic. So before joining some link exchange transaction, always check the pr and the sites traffic...

As others have stated, yes. Link exchange is good... as long as its done with links to sites with good PR. Sites that are related, and have quality content. Bad links... Bad PR... those will harm you more than they will do you good.

Link exchanges can bee good ... if consider the following items:

1. related sites or related keywords
2. good and unique content
3. different hosting
4. no bad neighborhood sites

But you will get more link power by building non reciprocal backlinks. Try link baiting or a lot easier aquire somme good backlinks at text link market places.

Yes Link Exchange helps a lot in getting many Backlinks to your sites

There are so many ways to find good backlinks free so why do link exchange? Link exchange is a last thing you do when you not find any other way of getting links.

It is good if you are doing 3-way link exchange and you shouldn't do it extensively..

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