Our company is in the middle of relocating to a new building the next town over. We have already begun moving servers over during the weekends, and this weekend we plan to move over the Exchange Server. As you may know, the Exchange Server is probably the biggest move of the entire relocation process, and we want to make sure we are prepared and ready to go, so that when we finally get to the server room there, we are well prepared to get the mail server back online.

We are using Exchange Server 2010 running on Windows Server 2008. We already have the IP scheme for our servers laid out, and we have all the specifics such as Internal IP address, default gateway and subnet planned.

What we would like help with is creating a short checklist of all the things we will need to do to get this server online in the new building. We have an external IP address we want to use.

Thanks for your help. Maybe there are tutorials on this on the Internet you can link me to, but all I could find were "moving exchange server to new computer" not "moving server in SAME HARDWARE to new building".

Thanks again

Our advice is that a properly documented configuration, of your existing architecture will, when compared to performance records, help to determine loading and dimensioning. However, it is important to configure both new hardware, including cabling, and system resources to accomodate load changes, and failures. Load considerations must also include cooling and variable power requirements.

Robert Allen

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