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oh come on... it says there`s 1000 some people online but it`s been 5 days and how many posts 0 dang i could get better resauts on my only 7 regesterd users


I think any "free" hosting is never really free, usually you have to use a domain name they give you, or the pages are loaded with ads, that they make money from.

You are better off paying for your own hosting, place some ads on your site, to make money to pay for your hosting!

Good luck


I recently heard but not sure of it that free hosting providers sell their entire database to big companies who pay a huge amount to them for the same.


damn the attacted strings damn them now there putting ads all over my site


It's really not worth the headache to deal with "free" traps when you can get web hosting for a few bucks a month and a domain name for a few bucks a year. All in all, it's definitely feasable to get a new website up and running for the cost of a single mid-priced meal.


i never saw a free hosting with free domain . all them give you subdomains . but i know a wonderfull free host . i don't say any thing about it & i say just see it :


1 mounth ago i run vBulletin 3.6.8 (nulled and just for test )on it !!!

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