Do you guys feel, that email marketing still effective on business?

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Hello There,
Definitely it is! Its working 10 times better and cost effective for me compared to Cold Calls. You have to create good well targeted contents, it will work very well for you.


If we have right database then email marketing can be a powerful tool for you.

Do you guys feel, that email marketing still effective on business?

Yes, Email marketing still tends to be one of the effective way of business to get high return on investment.

According to the replies I received, it seems to be still effective, just have a look at my post;-)

Email Marketing is the one of the best way for marketing criteria, This is best forever. As we know about what is our product and service we can tell those people who wanted the same and asks those response with the help of the E-Mail, and that person will know about our company prospectus and memorandum with attached files in the Mail.

Yes i do feel its still important and an effective way to get confirm customers..

Email marketing, though may seem a traditional way of marketing, has now undergone a sea face change. Combined with social media tools and social networking sites, email marketing is much more effective than other individual SEO strategies.

It is true that email marketing is still effective on business. The effective points of email marketing are given below:

-Increase your sales
-Generate repeat business
-Increase your average order value

Email marketing is still one of the best and great for business organisors Also for Hosting providers.The best thing For email marketing is dedicated bulk mail servers like massmailservers or any company.

E mail marketing i9s like a Internet marketing.Email marketing lets you advertise your business effectively at low cost, no spam mails but only opt-in emails to prospects and customers.From e mail marketing you can get quick response from customer.

how to get business by email marketing what's more ideas and where i get actual data on which i will place my proposal and get back right response.

i don't like it.. try using facebook instead.
you can send more smaller people each day
but its much personal and you can direct them
to a custom landing page inside facebook..

Yes, but as the professional says, online chat(skype or gmail) is better than email.
Compare with email, direct chat is more straight, more efficient.
Think about ourself, usually don't like to see an ads or ads-like email, maybe it's long or boring or sth like that, it takes more time to typing and send and reply and ...

Email Marketing is one of the best marketing criteria, this is the best ever. As we all know what our products and services, we are able to tell people that wanted the same and ask them to answer e-mail, and that person knows about our company and presented a memorandum, accompanied by the mail file.

Email marketing will never fail...If you have interested customers email need to offer helpful information ....slowly you begain to gain trust and then start promoting your site/ products later on.there is still a trend to check out even spam inbox.

Hello guys,

I absolutely agree with what u are talking about here. Email marketing is extremely effective if to get it right. But if u want to get it right u should forget about buying email lists and sending bulk emails to whoever from this lists. Doing so be ready for your emails being blocked by spam filters, hardly reaching their targets. Only permission based or opt-in email marketing can bring good results.
Make your customers loyal to your products or services, compile an opt-in email list via newsletter subscription and registration, and send them email campaigns notifying about discounts, up-sell and cross-sell options and other offers.

If u apply such approach to email marketing strategy u’ll see sales and revenue you never think of with traditional direct mail.

email marketing is still highly profitable - just be careful however, even with third party mailing companies, there are still risks involved with black lists and so forth depending on the systems that you run

Its a best way to communicate with new and old customers and its cheap source to send messages

Some people say that email marketing is died but it is not so, it is still very effective if done in the right way.

i also agree with all that email marketing still is very effective for any business promotion. this is best way to get personally interacted with the marketers. and also its the best way to explain the details about our business as well as the product. at least in my case it has come up as the most beneficial strategy to promote my product.

Yes it is!
But you have to know how to do it.

For example..
Typically, only 1% read the email and click to visit your site.
To get a higher percentage, you should use the רecipient's name on the email subject.

Email marketing is very effective for business advertisement.He most effective for business.

email marketing is best for advertisement of business he aproved you advertisement.He is good work for any company advertisement.


any body tell me which softwere is best for emailmarketing.

E-mail marketing using e-mail to distribute your marketing messages.Most popular grow your list, for example from a newsletter, send e-mail messages to a list containing tips along with participants things might be interested in buying.

I think it all depends on the quality of the list. If the people on the list are there because they're genuinely interested in what you are offering, than for sure it's worth it.

E mail marketing is very much effective method of doing online business.
Now a days also it is very much effective undoubtably.

Well planned effective email advertising campaign can help your business products and services gain visibility. By using email marketing software, you can keep them in the loop about what is happening with your organization and remind them that they are welcome back any time.

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