I would to share an idea I am having in my mind to know the experts opinions regarding this.

I want to develop an article submission website and put my ad sense account with that to earn money online through this way. MY concern is what may be the other options to earn money online in this regard. Also what may be the complications to keep in mind in this regard?

Thanks a lot and most welcome any suggestions here.

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I think that's a good idea. You will just want to get traffic to the site.

This is an great idea.In the beginning you may face some problems relating to the traffic of the site.Promote about your site in Social Networking Sites,Forums etc. this may help you in attracting traffic.I think you should go on with it.

I think that the biggest your concern in this project should be getting traffic to the website.

Do you already have an idea how you will promote your article submission website?


You'll need to get traffic as stated before. Ad Sense will be a great way for you to earn some money in the meantime (Granted people are coming to your site). Eventually you'll want to work with marketing agencies to sell advertisements on your site through various means. Best of luck to you.

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