Let's all share the websites that we use to get free Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and Google +1s from.

Here are my top 3:

1) Tweers.com - Followers, Likes, +1s, Stumbles, YouTube Views
2) Twiends.com - Followers
3) TwitClub.com - Followers

What are the sites that you use?

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You can also take a look at some of the gigs on Fiverr.

I didn't even know there were websites like that, limonzmm. Isn't there a standalone app called Twitter Adder or something like that? Then again, you can always grow the natural way ;)

I've heard all these "free" followers do not help much to monetize your Twitter, and it looks so. Am I wrong?

Probably just boost up the numbers, but I can't see how many of them actually actively read all of the tweets for the people they follow.

I am not used to use any site for increasing the twitter followers. But connection with the right people , providing them the interesting and new stuff in the discussion and maximum try to solve other's problem. As this will naturally be helpful to get the more followers. But the thing is to be live and to be responsive all time.

I am active and popular on twitter so didn't use any 'auto' site.

I am using twiends and youlikehits to get twitter follower.

I use some auotmated softwares to get free followers.

Problem with all these sites is that you get a bunch of followers but later after few days they unfollow you.

a friend of mine had great success recently using promoservices.webs.com
he says he paid for 12,000 followers and they gave him 17,000 and since
then, he's been getting alot of new followers each day..

I use http://net-workz.co.uk they're new but genuine well worth checking them out

Of course, before anyone even considers using a 'buy followers' site, no matter how the site in question tarts it up that's essentially the service most are offering, you should first consider that doing so is in breach of the Twitter terms and conditions and you face having your account suspended as a result. Hardly the best marketing strategy on the planet then...


I use twieer.com, it is the best and simple way to gaing the followers.

How do you get FREE facebook likes? What websites help?

I do not use these kinds of sites for increasing followers.Are these sites really help full increasing followers?i only follow those people who are relevant to my product and sahre information with them.Can nay body tell me these sites are help full in increasing followers or not?

Found a superb one the other day , first one that really seems to offer both the opportunity to promote sensibily and safely (The mods on the site are fairly ruthless at pulling spam sites etc) and they offer some really fair exchanges for your coins as a way to earn a bit of extra cash as well as promoting your stuff for free . Check it out it's at http://free-likes.co.uk ....have fun :)

I use a bot for Twiends, it's very basic. Follow, and unfollow.

I have no idea about it.

commented: then say nothing, rather than say 'i know nothing' just to promote your signature links -2

To be honest i don't like to use these sources to get free twitter followers. I make it manually and try to login on twitter more and more and twitte interesting things.

nice info you share here. Thank you.

I use youlikehits(dot)com to increase twitter followers.

Are these site are offering free twitter followrs and facebook likses

Hi stevenpeter I can only speak for http://free-likes.co.uk They are free for all social networks. What you do is view other users fan pages , twitter accounts (whatever it is they are promoting) and if you are interested you can like/follow/share/view them it's really down to you who you choose . Once you share/like the site you are given an amount of coins (user sets the coins available for a share) You can then use these coins to promote your own accounts and your coins are deducted everytime someone shares your stuff in return . Oh and if you manage to accumulate enough coins you can convert the coins into real money ....sorry If I haven't explained to well but am just on the way out ...Hope it helps !! almost forgot They have a daily bonus button (can be used once every 24hrs) and this gives you 100 coins each time .

but it is better to have real followers who are actually interested in products, how to get these kind of followers ? many thanks

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