I have the Google Buzz that says I have over 100 new updates. I dont even bother to click it. Do you?

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Goggle buzz is just like a social networking site and update means your friends latest post and news just go and chk it out.

I like the concept but I personally use it when I have time to check it out.

i haven't use it yet. i m good with yahoo buzz.

Good to know about Yahoo Buzz. I never knew it existed. I have to check it out.

I have not tried Google Buzz, but have heard it still has a lot of glitches. I guess once it is past the initial stage I might give it a try. Let others wet their feet first. ; )

In my own experiences, Google Buzz is not so useful as twitter regarding to traffic purpose. We could not search the potential followers via keywords on it. It is really a pity. :(


Very good point. So for right now, Google Buzz is good to have but not a must to have like Facebook.

I have already turned it off.... I won't use it without granular privacy settings.

I am accurately considering stop using it. It is not as popular as facebook or twitter yet.

I don't use it at all... I turned it off.. I'm happy with Facebook.. :)

I dont bother with Buzz anymore - I dont have time. It seems like a nice to have rather than a must have.

same here. A community is typically only as good as its users, so since it seems that not that many people adopted Buzz, it just doesn't have much value.

For all we know, Buzz will go in the same direction as Froogle.

yes..sometimes..when I conscious about the updated topic, i'll open google buzz..

its like yahoo buzz

It's seem to twitter and other social site.

I am not that much impressed with Google buzz, because I have already used twitter.

I never even heard of Yahoo Buzz. I predict GB will be upgraded to a more usable form.

I certainly don’t!!! I definitely can’t see the use of it.

i usually found the same thing in my buzz... i visit them and then i forget them.. these are just the shares by the friends or to whom you follow... you can simply disable this option

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