I've always heard all these great success stories about YPN and how the revenue potential is more than double AdSense. The concensus has been that you get fewer clicks but the CPC and eCPM is much higher in the end. However, after trying it out for myself, I'm horribly disappointed. It seems to be performing like crap compared to AdSense. Could anyone who has used both shed some light on the situation?

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I think it depends on the site. YPN performed worse than Google on my Asperger's Syndrome site, but it performs a lot better on my television site.

On my tv site, I get 1-2 dollars a day from YPN but i was getting less than 50 cents a day with adsense.

YPN is paying more than 30 cents per click on my tv site whereas google was less than 10.

I use the YPN, and the relevancy to the ads of my content is miserable. Sometimes the ads aren't even relevant to each other.

My experience exactly. CPC is excellent, but the ads are so irrelevant they get few clicks.

I think that yahoo and google got their own pros and cons. Google have been around for years while yahoo just get started. So yahoo has a lot to catch up. The good thing about the publishers is that they are more options for them to choose from. It is a win-win situations.

Yea i would say that within the next year or so i think it will pickup since it is a relativly new program.

I've had no experience with YPN yet. Though your inputs make me wonder if it is the right network for us.

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