I create a new site recently. I found some sites providing targeted traffice service and search engine submission. Do these things work well? I purchased these kind of services on engineseeker.com. I didn't think they are good as they advertized. This site's service and customer support are poor and never delivery enough traffic as I ordered. Then I think to purchase traffic and let them submit my site to search engine are not good idea. Anyone know more about it or give me suggestions?

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Alot of these sites generate fake users but that doesnt meant legit ones are not out there but honestly they have never really worked for me. Did the traffic convert into sales or leads? nope not a single one. I have yet to find a traffic source, or hear about one from someone I know about one where the traffic they purchased, and monitored actually resulted in just one sale or significant signups to a newsletter. The traffic providers usually get on my case about this, but I have tried out 250k hits/visitors (whatever you want to call them) traffic buys and all that they produced were my stats and web counters moving up about 250k in hits/impressions/visitors. Untill I hear from a reputable source that buying traffic has resulted in increased sales/leads I am not going to buy any further traffic and neither am I going to recomend that to anyone.

Yes, most of these sites are all resellers who get their traffic from the same place, anyways. If you sell ads on your site on a CPM basis, I think using this service is actually cheating your advertisers out of fake imprssions. Ods are your advertisers won't renew b/c the CTR will be ridiculously low.

About 90% of these places are resellers or use fake hit generators and also why do you by search engine submission for? Why dont you just do it your self for free!!!

A good automated and free software if you cant be bothered to submit is WebCEO and it also has some basic but useful inbuilt tools for the novice webmaster to SEO your website pages. www.webceo.com

I would only buy directory submission that needs to be manually submitted but make sure the person/company does screen shots of the submission forms aswell to be sure your not getting ripped off.

Well good luck with your online ventures


Targeted traffic can help increase business on your site if you follow two basic rules

1. Get traffic from a reliable source. You need to know where the traffic is coming from. Is it from Expired Domain redirects? Is it from pop ups or unders? If it is from pop ups/unders, does the traffic source have a method to compensate for pop op blockers?

2. You have one brief chance to convert targeted traffic. Choose your landing page wisely.

If the campaign is done properly targeted traffic is an inexpensive way to get your message out.

Target traffic waste of time
Well tell you the truth i wouldnt bother with buying targeted traffic since they are a waste of time and money. There are many companies out there that sell and resell traffic. I have noticed from past experience and research that the majority of there companies send fake visitors to your website that use proxy servers so that it shows on your stats as unique visitors.

Buying Search Engine Submission. Never do it

Why waste your money when you can do it for free by doing it your self. There are several options that are available and they are all free.
1. Submit your website manually to search engines.
2. Use free software that will submit your site to all the major search engines. A good example software is WEBCEO (free download) www.webceo.com you can submit your website to over 100 major serchengines in 5 - 20 minutes.

What Will I Pay For: the best option
1. directory submission services
2. advertising direct from related websites
3. ppc advertising (Adwords, overture,etc)

These 3 are the most common advertising methods that i use and the all work.

Hope this helps with your question.

except buying target traffice. you have to buy textlink for it i think so it will increace more traffice for you.

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