I am lookings for my youtube to have more video views and also for it to have more subscribers and so on. Any good FREE websites you guys know of??

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Create awesome content and then promote it through Facebook and Twitter. Create a FB fan page and cross-promote.

How could my facebook and youtube get known though? if im not getting any views or likes on my youtube?

As Dani has suggested, you need original content that shall attract people. Then you can use services such as Reddit to promote it. You do however need original content that you UPDATE! That is the biggest downfall for internet based services, if you don't have changing content then people shall loose interest.

Yes Social media sites are very helpful in increasing traffic.On facebook and twitter make your profile,pages and make followers and fans,communicate with them,share your events and updates with them,you can upload videos and funny events there.Hope this will help you...:)

Relevancy factor can make you earn many likes and views. post content related to your site and get targeted likes only

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