Pinterest is quite full with people who are trying to market their stuffs. But when your hand is full with so many social media sites, the easiest way to get the best of Pinterest is by using full automation..

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Yes, Pinterest is rapidly increase in some months. It is useful site which gives you traffic and backlinks. You have to just increase your followers.You can integrate your account with your Facebook timeline which will also increase exposure, along with tweeting links to your pin boards.

i too think pinterest is getting good place in online marketing and making boom in for social networking site which are providing more and more traffic and hope very soon it will take good place like other social networking website. agter using it i come to know it can't be hard nut to crack after some time in social networking market.

Pinterest is a useful website for personal usage as well as for online site promotion also. I use it for my personal usage & find it quit interesting as well.

WOW! I'm just new here and to all these brainstorms. So how do I use the Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog? How do i set it up to get it working for me urgently?

Pinterest is a nice way to get in more traffic to the site.

Hi, I'm a "pinner" as Pinterest people call themselves (and are called by others), and I can tell you (as an insider) that the worst thing you can do is to go over there and begin to fill boards with things you want to sell. If you're not willing to contribute something of value to the community, you will be shunned! The best way to use Pinterest, is to pin your way to a following that will follow you all the way back to your site, but without being overly "commercial." I have 3 stores online, and people do go to my sites from Pinterest, but they go because they like what I pin and because they want to find out what else I have to offer. So, if you do it like that, you'll succeed, if you only fill boards with stuff you want to cram down people's throats, they will black list you!
If you pin interesting things you find on the web, for example, you'll have followers in no time at all. I was almost taken aback when I joined, when I saw how immediate was the traffic (and the avalance of emails from other pinners!) So pin smartly. Wish you well!

I don't think that Pinterest gives that traffic who are interested in coversation.

Pinterest is fast growing social media site that can give you a traffic for your stie.It has large portfoliow .

Pinterest is fast growing social media site and this is best site for driving traffic with inforgraph.

Well, pinterest is newer than other popular social sites but it has gained good popularit in short period of time.

Getting lots of pins from your blog posts can increase engagement and drive traffic.That help boost your performance on search engines because pins to your post are ‘do-follow’ links.

Here i am going to share a few tips for Increase Traffic with Pinterest:
Post High Quality Images
Create a wide range of interesting Pinterest Boards
Create a Pinterest Resume
Videos can be pinned, too
Keep Descriptions Short
Use Keyword Search Terms in your Descriptions
Use Hashtags to Categorize Descriptions
Increase Image Height

can pinterest gives backlinks??

Thank you. I always used pinterest to market my website. It's a very good social networking website that helps a lot.

Great article, but I still don't see much use of my Pinterest account. Hopefully this will change when find the time to commit it as much as I have to Facebook.

Pinterest is growing nowadays, and most of the internet and affiliate marketers are already taking advantage of this social media platform. It's a wonderful place to pin attractive pictures and generate more followers. A tip to influence other targeted Pinterest members is to pin attractive pictures as many as you can. Once they see it, they're going to follow you for sure. :)

Pinterest is a good source for getting traffic but to get a maximum benefit form ointerest we have to focu on the quality of images and content because Pinterest is all about images.

Pinterest is the new way to go.
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