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Twitter is a social network. If you want to earn more followers, you .. have to network. Follow the people you want to follow you. Try to communicate with them using "@." ReTweet (RT) their message. Post engaging and thoughtful content for your existing followers and they will respond and/or retweet your thoughts to their followers. And believe it or not, an interesting or attractive profile pic helps.

In addition to what InsightsDigital reference, Mashable has a pretty good twitter guidebook.


The only way to get a mass of followers is to use a device, a mass follower , so you can get more followers.


To start with... Fill out your bio properly. Your bio is the only place you have to tell people who you are and why they should follow you.


Always tweet relevant content and unique content that is prefer able by users and also follow the users then other users must follow too.


i think you must follower many account twitter ..
and you can promote with write information about your'e sites or business in status ...


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