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i want to know that how to bring a website alexa traffic rank within 100000.please help me so that i can bring my site alexa traffic 100000 it is now abobe 400000.

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You simply need to get more of your visitors using the Alexa toolbar to visit your site frequently.

Have lots of traffic... Learn about SEO, SMO, how to do ads, plenty of content, clean codes, and all that other good stuff...

You should use an Alexa toolbar on your browsers.

Either have lots of traffic on your site.
or have a team of your friends to use alexa toolbar while doing SEO or using your site.
It will certainly come down

Creat good contents, keep updating, do SEO properly and SEM, that's all you need.

You need to do:

Fourm Posting
Blog coomntion
Social Bookmarking
Dirctory submmsion

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