I have a broad band internet connection. When I dial the dialer it connects to internet. Thing needs to mention that I dont need any modem or anything for dialing purpose. I want to make a wifi hopspot with that connection. As I dont have any static IP there in the connection.
I need to connect my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to internet using that wifi connection.

How Can I make a wifi hotspot with that dialup broadband connection?

It you have broadband then you will have a box of some description, somewhere. Because you have broadband that connects to your phone line (is this why you call it dial-up?) you will likely have a Router. If it is a new Router then it must be Wireless capable.

Who is your Internet provider?

Seeing "Broadband" and "Dial-up" on your post, I am assuming you are using a cellular connection?
If so, you can look at Cradlepoint's products.

All modern broadband routers have wireless as per BIgpaw above. To join such routers there are a varietry of security hurdles. Some routers you have to push a button and then enter a 25 digit code, others have a straight password. It seems as though your Galaxy may have been linked in the past so that it can use the router.
You do not say where you are or what ISP you have, but there is a growing trend here in France for ALL routers (in private houses et(rc) to become universal hotspots to the clients of that ISP. IT may be that this method (which works well and extends the use geographically a lot) may develop where you are.

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