I hope you all aware about the fact that - Its so hard to convince client to launch Facebook platform as marketing platform. Can any one help me to convince my client to utilize Facebook as marketing channel ?

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well try this:

"1 billion users = high chance of driving traffic"... just say that.

Awesome, I never thought to do that... Thanks for the tip...

It seems a pretty old post, you can’t just say "1 billion users = high chance of driving traffic" now it takes a lot of effort to convince someone, to use facebook as a marketing platform, cause now you also have to pay facebook to gain quick results. So businessman are not willing to invest in it.

I am very late i guess that it has been a year ago. And now its a very common trend to get business via social medias.

Show the documentation as an evidence and also talk mostly about the numbers of the budget, explain him more about why working with you helps his business!.

Online networking is a gigantic method to build presentation and traffic for your business, make faithful clients, and produce leads and deals. Spoiler alert: Facebook remains King Social Network. It is the internet based life foundation of decision for most of advertisers — and in light of current circumstances.
Social advertisements enable you to reach much a greater amount of your group of spectators, frequently with ease. ... Facebook is by a wide margin the most well known spot for web based life promoting. Facebook is particularly prevalent for neighborhood promoters and is currently utilized by 62% of them—and in light of current circumstances.
A remarkable opposite: According to an ongoing study of advertisers, Facebook remains the absolute best online life showcasing stage out there. ... Here are nine reasons Facebook is the best online life showcasing apparatus: Facebook is the most mainstream informal community

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