Anyone suggest me what kind of activity we can include for Social media optimization?

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First create your brand pages for your websites, then promote it via tagging, sponsored post or advertising and link to your blogs/websites.

You can provide social sharing buttons on your website, blogs or promote your page via introducing to various groups and even promote via paid services from FB advertisments or You tube advertisments.

Get a google+ business listing, go through the branding process with your domain.

Share informative and helpful content on the socail media sites to attract the vistiors form your niche.

More from me, regularly update your status on Twitter, FB and Google+ with informative & engaging info/news/tips. Focus on building relationship with your followers, not just sharing links.

You should have social sharing buttons on your website. So, user can directly share your post to there social platforms.

Now-a-days famous smo sites are giving more options to promote business in social media world. So from my opinion when you will good social network then it would be prove more better.

First and foremost thing, Stick to your routine. Use social media daily. Don't market or promote products each time you use social media sites. First you need to gain trust, help followers by answering their questions, engage with them on regular basis. Last but not least share informative content so that people like and share your content.

SMO is the best for launching and promote your website. Use fresh and quality content for your website page's. Create your business page than add new status and attractive pictures regarding your business. And there are so many activities for SMO. So read tutorials about SMO.

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