Google +1 is the copy of like button from Facebook ??

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I think Google is trying to beat Facebook by this tool. We'll see if he can do it

ya ya i think google is taking this as the serious issue :-)

Google is hoping to integrate this with their new Social Network so your friends can get customize searches like Bing does now.

Google Plus One is also great for websites and webmasters because the more plus ones on a page, the higher that page may appear in a Google result (probably). I don't know that for 100% fact, but it seems that since they are next to every result on Google now, Plus Ones may soon be affecting PR.

Yep google +1 is highly affecting PR. There is some research which i forgot the link, regarding how useful is google +1

I hought Google +1 just another item for their algorithms

It seems it came a little bit to late, already Facebook's button had a big impact on the masses.

The Google +1 may have came later, but it is growing extraordinarily fast. I see it in MORE places than the like button now, which is weird.

Google is trying to deploy the same thing which have done Facebook previously. We have to follow because Google might be change Algo to rank the websites.

Google +1 is the copy of like button from Facebook ??

1). Login from google.
2). Open the link ""
3). Click on "Get The Code"
4). And get the code according to your need means which type of code you want like;
With count.
URL tracing
Callback function

Enjoy your solution.

According to me This feature is true copy of Facebook.Google +1 is not a different one.It's a copy of Facebook.Only difference is in there layout.

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