social media means interaction among peoples in near or faraway from your area it not depends on area or there is no restriction of area..Through a media we can communicate,exchange information and exchange ideas with each other.In ancient days we have no facility to communicate each other but due to social media we can no share and communicate to each other.Michael Haenlein defines social media as a group of internet based applications that built on the idological and technical foundation of web and that allow the creatin and exchange of user generated content. Futhermore social media depends on mobile and web based tecnologies through which community share,co-create and ideas.There are many effect which spread from internet usage.Now a days users spend more time on social media sites then any other sites.Young generation not give time to there studies they spend time on chating with each other or on browsing.

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Social media sites are those site which gain popularity through visitors.visitors come to website and share all information among them.

Through Social Media sites with the help of Page creation, Board, Groups creation tools you can do Direct Marketing to promote your Products, Services to worldwide Customers.

Well, that's the reality that social media already conquers the world of world wide web. Even elderly are in social media as well.

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