Howdy! I'm into Social Media, and mostly I just keep posted to the groups. My query is, does anyone know how to measures our effort in Social Media Posting? How do we know if we are generating money through it?

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My friend Marshall Sponder actually wrote a book on this very topic called Social Media Analytics (shoutout to Marshall!). Unfortunately, this is something that lots of marketers have been struggling with ever since the invention of Facebook.

The first thing to think about is what you have to gain from social media. What are your goals? To what end? Is the goal to simply connect with your customers to gain additional feedback? Is the goal to do viral marketing to increase traffic back to your website? Are you an eCommerce site? Are you trying to use social media to increase branding or do you need it to directly back into additional sales for you? How do you measure your ROI?

The simplest way to delve in is to use Google Analytics to track how many people used social bookmarks (Tweet, FB Share, etc) to share your content with their friends. You can also use it to track how many people came into your site from each social network.

If you have goals set up in Google Analytics, you can track goals from social networks, such as how many people came in from a social network subsequently made a purchase on your site, compared to how many from other traffic sources.

By default, Google Analytics tracks all of this for Google Plus (of course). But you have to do a little bit of Javascript work to get it to work for Facebook and Twitter.

Instructions to integrate Facebook and Twitter into Google Analytics:

Good luck!

You place statiscs on your site and see if people are coming from social sites. You look on the sales and see if ( after a campagin in the social sites ) you make them.

Facebook ads can be used to make money, if you have a business or join an affiliat program.

My relation with u is like onion ,which has many layers in it.
if u add it to your life it will add taste in your life and if u want to cut it,
it will bring tears in your eyes .so what u want to do ?

My relation with u is like onion ,which has many layers in it.
if u add it to your life it will add taste in your life and if u want to cut it,
it will bring tears in your eyes .so what u want to do ?


Hi! I'm not an internet marketer, (though many of them are following me on Twitter, and I certainly don't know why) but I am in a very specific niche: Handmade. (To give you an idea, think about places like Etsy and many others. A very competitive niche.) If you don't make friends, you don't have customers. It's that simple. Social is the name, social is its nature. Social media is not about dropping an ad on people, dry and clear. Social is to befriend them, share something you both like for a while until they like you so much they'll wanna know what you're up to and THEN, you share your business with them. I have seen it over and over, people who try to sell to others when they first arrive at a place. And all they can think of is selling, and they don't do very well...Build a relationship, build a sense of community, I assure you, you will not only get customers, but you'll enjoy social media more. Wish you well!

I am not very much aware from generate money from social media but **Dollardrip **will offer this,I was read somewhere on internet.

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