Hey all:)

I'm new here and hopefully I'll learn as much as possible. For now, I'd like to ask for a little advice.
I'm trying to setup a blog, but I don't have enough articles, so I would consider buying a plr pack, just for easier start. So, I've found these 3 sites and could anyone pls share experience (if any) with them:

theplrstore.com (nice article packs, but quality?)
hotonlineprofit.com (1000+ turnkey sites, scripts and articles, any good?)
superplrarticle.com (cool packs, but overpriced?)

I'm sure there are more sites selling these, but for now, I'd just like a little input from your side, before I spend my bucks on any of them. So, pls share!



I'll suggest you that you can write articles at own or hire a freelance writer who can write on your behalf on your website/blog. PLR article is wastge of money and also your site may be soon penalized when you'll published it.

if you are seaching Content writer PM back to me..

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