Hi everyone,

i just want to know the relevant steps and procedures to work in twitter for social media marketing

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guys share your ideas or procedure how to approach twitter for social media marketing

I should tell you my way,
1. first know how to write an interesting tweet
2. Then add trending hashtags 2-3 maximum
3. If you are trying to promote your website, use linkshortenors like bit.ly to shorten your url and then post it in your tweet.
4. add replies to other people tweets of the same interest.

lame1981 is absolutly right

nice lame1981 for your ideas and information,if you have some other techniques,do share

twitt from your business account using hashtag.

twitts regularly from your account with hash tag and promote your website.

Thanks a lot for this information

In addition to what lame1981 said..
Follow people related to your website niche. Interact with them. Through that, you may be able to find potential client/visitor.

Ofcourse ,through on twitter it's get good traffic's.

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