hello all,
Which is the best cms for the online shopping website(e g. ebay)?????
joomla or droupal???

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Sorry, don't know enough about either to help you. However, I was under the impression they were both CMS software for publishing articles, not for eCommerce with the ability to manage shopping carts.

yeah they are softwares and they are used in e commerce sites but not like CMS


we can get many features in both joomla and drupal.For an example Drupal is much more flexible when it comes to the development and setting up the theme and layout of the website. Joomla! is known to be surrounded by the paradigms set by itself, and offers less scope to be flexible.
So Both having different kind of features which depends on processing..


I will definitely prefer Joomla over Drupal. It's very to use for both users and programmers when we compare it with Drupal. Drupal is also a good CMS but you can get stumped somewhere. In Joomla, it has a large number of extensions, components, plugins, which will be very useful and help you to build your website very quickly.

the best magento for shoppping cart!!!!

I would go with joomla. However if you are interested in ecommerce only site take a look at magento and os commerce.

I recommend you use joomla

Sorry I would say neither of the two that you mentioned. I would personally go for one that involves a monthly fee just because I know it'll be error free most likely. So things like Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce would be my choices.

Both are best CMS, But i personally say joomla is much good as compare to drupal It is Open source application for creating websites or other web application.It has numerous build-in features as well as a large selection of extra modules and components. it'll give a good experience to your website visitors.

I am also would go with joomla.


My think joomla and droupal is well for online shoping website.

I think Joomla is preferable over droupal because it is much more safe than any other softwares currently being used.

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