How to start social media marketing ?

You can make forum postings, blog postings, articles submission etc. These all platforms are free of cost. If you want you can make paid advertisements.

Social media marketing is very effective method of marketing nowadays and there are a lot of experts who say that we should mix-up SEO and SMO to get fast and good results in SERP.

Try to get as many friends,followers etc to your profile and then start advertising your product.

Read this thread.

I need advice on adding friends to my personal Facebook page. I need more friends who are locals. I have been sending messages out to friends of friends of locals to add me as thier friend. Is there any problems with this? Will Facebook come down on me for this ?

Thanks in advance,

People live on Facebook now. I do income taxes for locals. It is a way for me to have realtionships with potentail customers. I have even research when the best ime to post and share links etc. The weekend is the worse. Tuesday through Thursday are the best. You have to allocate time to Facebook marketing suh as adding friends, sharing links, and commenting.

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