Hi all,

I'm having a really hard time finding people who specialize in taking care of affiliate programs & know all the ins & outs.

I've posted on all the boards in the help wanted section, I've posted on bidding sites & on Craig's List. I've even searching on Yahoo for companies & they were nuts wanting $85/hr.

There's been hardly any response from the other sites or the ones that have responded don't seem to want to do the work or aren't hungry for the job. I even had one who had such a HUGE ego tell me I don't need to hire someone, I can do it all inhouse. I told him I'll make my own decisions thank you very much. (no kidding, the owner making her own decisions).

One didn't even think part of her job was to bring in more affiliates LOL

I'm a small company & won't pay $20-85/hr. I mean really, I'm initially looking for 1-2 hrs. work just to get the software set up & make sure I launch ok, then down the road we'll see what happens.

One thing I do want is someone experienced as I'm slowly learning all the ins & outs of what it takes to run a program.

Can anyone refer someone to me. At this point I'm thinking about hiring someone very jr. & paying them to train themselves. This is nuts & I've been looking for a few wks. now. I had hired one person who was knowledgeable & then she didn't do the work.

Thanks for listening :o


$85 an hour? I'm on the wrong end of this business, :mrgreen:

I've just spent the last few weeks signing up an affiliate for a lot of sites, and probably wouldn't have done that for $20 an hour (instead I did it for free :rolleyes: - the joys of being your own boss).

If you really think it's only 1-2 hours work, I can see why people aren't very interested in working for you. Some explanations, no insult intended (since I have not set up an affiliate program and am rather tactless).

1) You might have no idea how much work it is really. I used to do freelance editing, so I know how frustrating ignorant clients can be - why haven't you done Z yet? Because Z is 10x the work you think it is and you keep pestering me. I can't see how this person would set up the software and all that stuff and still have time "find new affiliates" for you. Plus, who's going to maintain the program once it's set up? The prospect of providing free support is not an appealing one, and yet once you take the contract, you're hooked.

2) 1-2 hours work is never quite that little. Whenever you do contract work, each new client creates work you're not getting directly paid for. The smaller the contract, the higher proportion of the price is extra stuff like emailing the client, (re)scheduling things, getting prepared for a new project. Also, if you're not getting cash up front, it's a pain in the ass tracking people down for months and chasing them for just $100. So, even if you are right and it's only a couple hours work and you pay in advance, it's only a couple hours work. Anyone who is any good at what they do probably doesn't need it.

Again, sorry if I sound like an ashpole. Like I said, I'm somewhat tactless (I prefer "tells it like it is", but we'll compromise on blunt). I was trying to help.

That's ok, but I never told the entire story.

That's just to get me launched, then I expect to start slowly & work the program up after I get my e-book redone by a DTPer I still haven't found yet <sigh> LOL

And yes, it is only 1-2 hrs., probably 30 minutes for someone who really knows what they are doing.

I did most of the work, someone else did some more & I have no idea what is left.

Everyone I've talked to is aware of the situation so there should be no reason to not do the work, but I'm clearly not going to pay $40 just to do 30 min. work. I'm not a large corporation.

Totally nuts.



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