I know many people
and my friends always said that I just fedup with Facebook and twitter
some time i also though I am a internet marketing professtional so I have to be in with this social media site for all day so if i am getting bored then it is not surprising but a person who is in other professtion getting bored then it is really suprising so are you also getting bored if yes then why please reply

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The reason is the only that after using the Fb for a long time and getting no much more updates on aticle makes the person bored. Not you Only me too.

Due to Whatsapp Messenger, The FB get Reputation Low,
All the Person get contact with Whatsapp,
As take for example: Before Whatsapp launched I am getting almost 100-200 Notification per day. but now I only get 40-50 notification per week, and that all about the FB pages not of friends,
As the new feature comes on market the some get high and some get low...

It's all depend on the content of your pages.
Thank You

I'm slightly bored of FB but I keep checking it every day out of habit... It's a bit like the news too... we have a desire to see what's going on in other people's lives and that's something that will never go away.

Hello sir,
yes now a days we all are getting slightly of facebook, because there are lots of unwanted post coming.

Facebook and Twitter will come and go ... the same way MySpace did. The buzzword "social media" will also come and go. But the concept of being part of a connected world is not going anywhere. People have been chatting on bulletin board systems since the 1970s, and Internet-based chatting has existed since at least the 1980s. Like anything, the industry will evolve and change with the times. It's just a matter of which sites stay ahead of the curve and which can't keep up with changing wants and needs.

i agree with Dani

Not like that, we have lot of options to promote our sites.

Yes, it's true. For the social media professionals it becomes boring as they have to increase the engagement and all.....doing it for the whole day on the same platform with the same features makes it cumbersome....

Well, the Internet is ever-changing, and if you want to maintain a web-based presence, you must make sure to always work on improving yourself. That goes the same for social media sites. If they don't work on making it easier for you, another new platform will.

i did not think that socil networking are dying

well ..we don't get bored till there is engagement in the social media..as it keeps me busy engaging with members

It all depends that if you have friends and interesting things to do on social media then its gud, other wise its boring like mine :)

i don't think so because it is the very best way to get the traffic or to have more chances to gain the popularity of the site and also very effective in getting the backlinks

James_28: "interesting things to do on social media" ... sounds a bit like a contradictio in terminis to me.

I never liked these sites too much. I'd rather spend time creating designs or posting in forums/blogs.

I don't like much time spent on facebook and twitter. i work on various types of sites and busy any day.

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