plz give me some high PR dir List plz

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I think Directory list submission are outdated.

Now a days, Directory submission are outdated. If you interested then search on google.

Look i want to point out that nowadays directory submission is of just no use, You may get pennalized by Google, if you continue the same.

Please avoid Directory Submission.

google can gives you the best directory submission

submit only on high PR directories like google, yahoo, dmoz, etc. don't submit in low PR directories or bulk submission services, it's not worthy

Directory submission is still beneficial but doing drs submission, you need to know some major things:

  1. Submit only long tail keywords or website & business name.
  2. Use only high PR site related to your niche and under proper category.
  3. I am also provided you some list of directory submission sites:

Directory Critic
Directory Maximizer

No , Its not out dated. its still effective.

Only limited high pr directories are effective nowadays like around 100.So make sure the directories which your submitting be good quality ones.All other directories are just a waste of time.

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