I have website, i apply seo meta tags, facebook open graph protocol, title tags, schema tags for sementic web and other minor and majour seo on website but site is not getting traffic enough 10-15 visitors per day i did lots of hardwork on the site but nothing happen

Please please any one can please give a procedure or step guidline through which i promote my site and get approx. 1000 visitors per day

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You say you've added meta tags but I don't see a meta keywords tags in your head section. The description could be more relevant to the search terms you want to be known for.
The main page has very little text that is SEO relevant or practically any that explains what your site does. What search terms are you trying to get recognised for and what keyword density do you have on the page for them?
You have no H1 or H2 tags AT ALL on the main page either.
To be honest, I'm not sure how much time you put into this but there is a lot of basic SEO missing from the site.

meta keywrod tag no longer support by the all majour search engines (google, yahoo, bing etc....).
And how i add keyword density as i not need to display unwanted text to my users.
Supporse that i optimized my site 100% accordingly to search engine spiders then whom garuntees that my site got higher rank in searh results as i read that indexing in search engine does not mean that your site goes high rank in search results

Indexing alone won't get you into the top search results. poorly constructed sites still get indexed if they are submitted to google or have links in-bound links a spider can follow.
The hardest part of SEO is getting the quality back links you need to make your site look like a reputible source on the net.

Yes backLinks how i get...?

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