So i've tried this test a few times and I want to see if anyone has had the same results. I make a tweet with my niche keywords and get a ton of traffic and no email signups on a proven landing page that makes me alot of money.

I got 2000 hits to my landing page in 2 hours from 1 tweet with 3 niche hashtags. Has anybody had the same results? Could it be bot traffic?

I want to get in the Twitter game to add to my current income, but it looks pretty bad right now.

I don't think so that can be a real traffic, I can't have that much traffic even within a couple of days by using the perfect keywords.
Anyways that is not bad, it is basically good you must use the right method.

If you have too many followers, then may be its possible. However then you should get more retweets & comments as well.

Generally, I believe that Facebook is better for business. At least, I had more succes with Facebook than with Twitter. Twitter is better for already established, well-known and popular products and brands. I would love to learn more about earning with Twitter too, though.

I am getting hits for my tweet only through my followers.

How do you get your traffic in Twitter and what tools do you use to make KW research? And what tools do you use to follow the traffic on your twitter account??
I have practically the same situation but Im inserting KWs with hash tags and its not working.. there are no new readers of my blog.. What I`m doing wrong?

Posting regularly with hash tags and mentions will help to make much followers.

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