Hi All,
Hope you are all doing well.
I am having a new blog in blogger and post near about 4-5 post as of now. I had come across a few articles suggesting to have your own paid blog site instant of free, if you are serious about your blog.
Here is my blog: https://best5forindia.blogspot.in/
Now should I Purchase my own domain and web hosting to continue my blog of free is the best for blogging?
As I am working for Hostindia.net, I can have one domain, but hosting do I need respectively, or I can only use my domain name server on blogger. Like I will redirect my blogger domain to my purchase domain.
Suggest me Please

If you want to build a brand around your blog, and be seen as more professional, then I would say your own domain is a must.
If you have a website already, incorporating the two is probably the better idea. You want people to go from your blog to your website and vice versa. If the two are seperate sites that becomes less likely.

yes i think so that is good.