I have a client who uses several company products for his entertainment business. He has a new website with these company logos on it, and he has requested that I watermark those logos with his logo.

I'm not a legal expert, and I know watermarking is for promotion, branding and "marking" your OWN property for copyright purposes - and it deters people from easily grabbing your images, etc....

But I would imagine this is NOT a good idea to watermark another companies logo - even if it's only used on your own website. Perhaps it's OK with that companies permission, which he does not have as far as I know.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Are there any good links that have information on this subject?

Thanks for any info!

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If there's already a logo, leave it alone. Otherwise you can be in real trouble.

That's what Copyright means, anyway...

BlackMiau - that was my response too - I told my client it's their logo/copyright (the other companies) - but he wants it. Not sure how to proceed.

Tell your client you can do it if he provides his own photos/products. Otherwise you have to save yourself from legal action. If something happens, guess who your client will blame: you. Because you did it, independently of who asked you to do it.

Get it in writing. Draw up a statement that you warned him of possible consequences, and that he takes responsibility if legal action occurs.

Pritaeas - yeah that seems like it will cover myself. Good idea.

dstoltz: also, don't forget to check whether that does actually fully covers you. all they need is a loophole or whatever to "bring down the house" with you in it.
for all we know there 's some little line in some obscure law stating that you, outside of informing your employer it's not legal, also should have informed the company whose logo you are altering.

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