Hi all. I have made this forum last week The only people who have joined are my friends.

What do I need to do to get loads of people on there?

Many thanks.

I've snipped your URL out of your post because we don't allow people to refer to sites they own or are affiliated with in this forum. Please follow our policies :)

If you read a lot of other threads in this forum, you'll see a lot of other people asking the same question, and I've answered everyone pretty much the same - make it a site worth going to. Provide content yourself. When someone DOES come, reply to them right away so that they'll come back, next time maybe with friends.

So it's just you and your friends right now, eh? Chat with each other! Make it lively and interesting! When someone else does happen to stumble upon your site, it might make them stay on.

Also, post on forums such as this one with a link to your site in your forum signature. :)

You can't really expect to get members to your forum in a week. The best advice is to make sure there is some interesting discussion going on even if you have to sign up multiple users yourself and ask questions yourself and answer them yourself. Anything to make people have something to read and comment on.