I just noticed that Google has gone back and readjusted all of their reports and figures for the month of February. A few dollars and cents were added to each day of my AdWords account. Along the same lines, I earned a few more dollars and cents via my AdSense account. Every single day for the month was affected by a bit. Does anyone know why this happened? Is this going to be the norm from now on? What's going on?! The few dollars don't mean very much to me since I deal with relatively large figures - but they might for many people.

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They are big for many people.

And I think this event might also be a big issue, as you might have heard these past days how many people was complaining all around the webmasters forums, about how their AS CPMs and earnings had tanked lately.

Some were saying that maybe GG was taking a bigger cut from PPC earnings but I think big GG just made a big mistake and today finally noticed it.

At least I hope so, as my CPM had decreased by almost 30% last week. :rolleyes:


have you tried the support here. I know virtualy nothing about google adwords but the suppot system looks effecient.

My CPM decreased last week as well. When I was going over my finances and I noticed my AdWords spending for the entire month suddenly retroactively increased. I then logged into my AdSense account and noticed that I earned a bit more as well. You're right though - this could definitely be quite the blow for Google if it is, indeed, them trying to do good on a mistake they made. Quite the mistake.

Whooaaa... me scared...

I haven't checked if my global spending in AdSense for the month retroactively increased as well.

And the issue here would be... of course, if it was increased retroactively.

Fortunately I save every week's report on expenses.

Off to check my AW spenses. :-|


Edit > My AS earnings were also positively and retroactively adjusted today after noon.


It's official. Log into AdWords and you'll be greeted with this notice:

[img]https://adwords.google.com/select/images/green_arrow.gif[/img] Important reporting and billing notice
Due to a recent system delay, your account reported fewer clicks than you actually received. We have resolved this delay and adjusted the number of billable clicks from all affected days in February.

Well, at least they recognize their mistake.

But, note that it clearly says "your account". I remark this because fortunately, I didn't get the note, nor did I notice any retroactive increase in the amount of clicks or cost of my campaigns.

My campaigns are not very big though. I average 1.000 clicks per day.


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