I'm pretty sure he was setting himself up for a spam reply dudes. That is a keyword.
But if I am wrong here is the answer:

Keyword research (you can use adwords free tool). Get a looong list of keywords related to your site.

Focus first on the less used keywords, they will be easier to place for.

Create content. Keep writing/adding content to your site. Add a couple of pages a week, make each page target 3-4 keywords.

Get links. Start with directories, dmoz etc ...

Create an internal link structure that connects all pages. Use text links with the keywords.

Wait. It'll take time.

By the way can anyone tell me if it is acceptable to request link exchanges in this forum? Not requesting one just want to know the answer.

Well friend i would like to tell you that first let us know what exactly your PR is. i would like to tell u , i have PR3 of my site and i am getting 20-50 visitors a day. Moreover there are many people who are continously working and getting some cool traffic of about 1000. Your criteria for getting 3000 visitors is what i wasnt able to understand.

PR has nothing to do with traffic. PR is a numerical representation of the weight of a page's incoming links. That's it. You can get thousands of visitors to a PR 1 page and barely any traffic to a PR7 page.

EXACTLY! Page rank is virtually irrelevant when it comes down to reeling in traffic. Helping to prove the point is the fact that I too have a site that has a page rank of 3, and it received 32,657 unique visitors last month and 52,3715 page views. This month, I expect it to achieve approximately 40,000 unique visitors, matching another site I have that only ranks in at 2.

Emphasis on both of these sites is on SEO copy writing and other attractions such as photos and videos. Neither site uses any form of advertising. The PR3 site has been around for approximately 10 years with a wealth of highly applicable inbound links, whereas the PR2 is approximately a year old with a decent amount of inbound links.

I too would like to hear your reasoning behind the magic number. Frankly, I must agree with the notion that the post may be a keyword-baited post.

Write 10 articles each day and post it on a blog or
article directory of your niche

Firstly getting tons of people or hits to your website will not give you anything just use your bandwidth :) Even if you have 1 user to your site and that users buys even then you are in profit. Better you understand ROI and see that its high rather then going around for high traffic. I dont need traffic to my sites i need quality users who will buy something form me.

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