Hi and good day to all.

I started a Forum Hosting a week ago. But Since then I only have 2 forums hosted. Listed below are the actions that i have taken. PLease tell me other techniques tthat i missed.

Here are the actions that I took

  1. Advertise to Google AdWords
  2. Submitted to various directories.
  3. Listed to Hotscripts as Remotely Hosted Script
  4. I made the Forum Hosting Service Free


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Forum hosting take a good bit of time to develop. I would think that if you have garnered two forums that you are well on your way to success.

The one thing that I have learned after being online for better than a year and a half is that you have to wait sometimes to make it big.

Forum hosting business is very competative one since there are many out there already. But once you have your site up and make it unique and different from the others, you are certain to get members or even the members from other hosting services move to you!

Also go into other webmaster forums like sitepoint and dp and see if there are any forum hosting requests, if there is, be sure to explain about your service and be creative! BUT dont lie them.

How is your forum hosting business profitable? Do you put sponsor advertisements on the hosted forums? Once you calculate how much money you can generate by hosting a forum, you will know how much you can spend on attracting a new forum to your business. You might be able to increase your AdWords bid after all :)

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