I'm a newbie. I just started a forum for the local area residents called << url snipped to comply with forum policy >>. Its growing, and at a pace that I can deal with as I learn.

I'm using Beehive, a PHP based forum that has a format and flexibility that I really like. The folks at Beehive really helped me to get started.

My question.. I'd like to put up some rules that people agree to when they register- pretty much like this site. What sort of rules and policies do you guys recommend? Are there legal issues that I need to cover?

Check my site out- its still unfinished, but you can get an idea of what the Beehive forum software is like.

Wayne from White Salmon

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One major rule I put up on my sites is: "The server hosting this website/forum is located in insert_country_name_here so laws of inserted_country need to be followed etc. etc.

Stating if you have to be over a certain age is also good ie must be over 18 etc.

No flaming or personal attacks also a good one


If your host has rules about nudity or partial nudity in photos then that should be stated and links to be posted only not images

Nothing illegal to be posted on the site

Who gets the final say in any disputes ie you?

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