How do I even start promoting this site? I need help....

its a social networking site


Read around this forum. Lots of people have similar problems.

After that, search the web - there is a lot of information about site promotion there.

After that, work out what your competition is doing, and see if that can be applied to your situation.

After that, wel, you'll know what to do.

No one can spoon feed you this kind of information - it's not that simple.

There's really no "do this and then this and then traffic will pour in". More than anything else, it takes a lot of work, drive, motivation, and determination.

For a social networking site, check out our Building a Community forum for some ideas. Read around.

I know there are millions of ways to go about promoting a site, but there is not one way that works for everyone.
I suppose there is everything, from submitting your site to various directories, to blogging, to social bookmarking, linking, paid advertising, email campaigning...and so on!
To me, you would have to see what works best for your site.
Good luck!

A good way to start promoting is one of the simplest ways, In your signature of email's, forums, or any were you can place a link at the end of a message.

Yes I do agree with other members, You can do Article Submission: be sure you write good article, Directory submission be sure to rotate your description, anchor text, SEO friendly keywords etc, Press Release, Bookmarking Submission, Paid submission, exchange links with higher PR sites. I think these steps will definitely bring visitors to your sites soon. But Your site must have Good content, and you should want your visitors turn to regulars. I am sure this will help your site.

Good luck


If your site is new, do the on-page optimization, get more backlinks by submitting your links to online directories, create blogs and submit it to social bookmarking, create article and press release, participate in forums and inform about your site.

It seems like blogs draw people in, especially when you submit your blog to directories. Also if you make a blog have a feed for it, so if someone really like it they can subscribe.
I just added social booking marking links to our sites, One site we are revamping, so Ill see where the bookmarking goes.

Like the others have said, there is no simple way to do this, but what I would focus on are the following.

1. Build your site with good text content. Without this the search engines have nothing to find. Pictures are good, but a site with all pictures is difficult to find.

2. Pay Per Click advertising. There are cost effective ways of doing this so it doesn't cost a fortune.

3. Backlinks, or links into your site. This will always help your page rank. Don't over do it, then it looks spammy.

4. Good content. I know that this was listed as item 1, but I can't stress enough how important good site content is in being found by the search engines.


The Promoting website is not rocket science or doing surgery. Its very simple in fact. You have to use your common sense, look for more and more information and use the knowledge properly.

you can start you page submitting to Directories, write about you site and submit it to article directories, social book markings etc.

write some blogs and there you have it.. you have promoted your website which is the first step.


Just understand that SEO is a continuous process so whatever you do (securing quality links, hand directory submission, blogs etc) needs to be on a regular basis.

Also you need to stick around here on the forum and learn everyday to be an expert.