I have a few forums which I will be building in the very near future.

Would I be able to host multiple forums from the same account? I would be getting different domain names to point to there respective forums.

Does this setup make sense?

Which webhosting companies allow you to have multiple domains and provide quality hosting/support @ a reasonable price?

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the only way i could think that that would work. is if you where to set up a resellers account with some hosting company that way you can instead of reselling the extra space you just keep the extra space and set yourself up with multiple accounts :) well good luck :)


Why could I not find a hosting company who will allow me to host several domain names?

Because traditionally when you purchase a shared hosting account (meaning you rent space on a server that hosts lots of accounts) you purchase a different account for each site. Then, if you want to put out the bucks for a dedicated server, where the entire machine is under your control, you can have as many different accounts (domains) on that server.

Some host actually allows you to host as many domains names as you like on one account, as previous post suggest its usually called a reseller account, I think that is what you need.

The web hosting company I work for www.velnet.co.uk sell such hosting packages to some of our customers.

Another alternative is to lease a server of your own, you can lease servers for as little as $50 a month this days, that way you can host several hundred domains names and website. I hope the latter suggestion is not a case of using sledgehammer to crack a nut :)

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