I also recommend, if the content permits, into podcasts and powerpoint presentations, and submit them online. I have done the powerpoint route and it has help me get some business leads. Good luck.

It is beneficial if you create new content for your article and use it in blogs.

Backlink from articles still work as long as the content is unique and is not indexed as duplicate.
Its better to shuffle the title, content and anchor text as well.

Here's a thought for you . . .

If you write an article, and 1,000 people think its the cat's pajamas and want to add it to their sites, will you get a duplicate content penalty?

Answer: no

In fact, if your article is SO good that 1,000 people post it on their sites and give you credit along with your link, you not only develop Link Popularity, but you also create Content Popularity.

This is the kind of content the search engines look for when someone does a query for a keyword. If a whole bunch of people think its good enough to share with their readers, the search engines aren't going to argue the point.

Please, please, please . . .

Duplicate content only applies when you post the same content on the SAME SITE over and over in order to fool the index bots into think the site is uber-relevant.

Having your content on thousands of other sites is called Content Popularity.

This duplicate content myth is dead, and the only ones who benefit from it are the guys who sell the article spinning software.

But keyword density will absolutely help.

Absolutely! For search engines its called keyword density, For readers its called "staying on point." Same thing :)

1) You're writing for 'humans'... because you're going to get your article published somewhere where readers are. In that case, you might go with a title like: 'Life a like a bowl of cherries...'

A title like that, at my age, would remind me of a song that was popular when I was a kid :)

But not self help.

"Help Your Self And Make Your Life Like a Bowl of Cherries" would work for me. But then again, I still have the point, errr, keyword in the title.

And I totally agree with everything else you've said!

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