AMP pages clogging the Coverage Report

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AMP pages are clogging the Valid Pages coverage report, grouped as Indexed, Not Submitted In Sitemap.

My AMP pages are linking to the AMP version of the URLs the desktop versions link to. Desktop links to desktop. AMP links to AMP.

What this means is that sometimes the AMP version of a page gets discovered before the non-AMP version. When that happens, it gets indexed as its own page, cluttering up the coverage report. Once the non-AMP version gets crawled, the AMP version leaves the coverage report.

With millions of pages, and new pages constantly added, the coverage report is completely useless in helping me to discover any URLs that actually should be in the sitemap but aren’t, or should be noindexed but aren’t.

I guess this is more of a pet peeve than anything. Any suggestions?

_1_1 -3 Newbie Poster

I though you were staying away from amp. I noticed a few interesting things:

  1. You're using a cdn - are your amp page versions not moved to Google's servers?
  2. You're loading external .js and .css from your cdn. Isn't this a violation of AMP standards?
  3. You write nice code. Still, some over my had a little, but not much of it.

What package do you use to minimize your .js and .css?
Al the best - Dave

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I definitely was in no rush to embrace AMP. I finally added it over the summer as part of a huge SEO initiative. When Google Search Console released Core Web Vitals, mobile vitals were tipping between Poor and Need Improvement for speed. I added AMP to make sure that mobiel would be listed as Good.

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