I have a web site. http://jimmy.d2g.nu now I put a DISCLAIMER up because I have found a web site that cloned by HTML site. I heard about some kind of code that encrytions
fuck I cant spell. Anywho when people view my Source is there is a way to hide it or make it so they cant find one line of code please let me know this is important to me. Something to mix up the code.

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" view my Source is there is a way to hide it "

I'm going with nope. For content to show in web browsers you have to send HTML code. It's that simple.

The bottom line is that browsers need to see the unencrypted, plain text source code to create a webpage. For that reason, it's impossible to hide your HTML source code. If the browser can read it, which it needs to be able to do to render a webpage, then so can a user. That's the bottom line.
From https://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/article.php/3875651/Web-Developer-Class-How-to-Hide-your-Source-Code.htm

Yes. Run the website on your local machine and then take a screenshot, and upload that to your host. Then, people can see your AMAZING CONTENT but won't be able to get at your precious, hand-crafted, artisanal, rolled-on-a-virgin's thigh HTML.

An alternative would be to write your website using Adobe Flash. It's capable of making not only beautiful, easily-navigable sites that are accesisible to people with all kinds of disabilities, but you can embed games and funny noises RIGHT IN THE PAGE. I mean, who doesn't want a trumpet sound when they're clicking links?

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