I need to import a video file into an audio editor called Steinberg Nuenbdo. (on daily basis). In Nuendo, best format for video is avi. But my video converter only allow mp3 for avi files, not wave. In Nuendo, wave is best to import. Could anyone please tell me which video converter is best for my need or which video format is supporting wave audio. Thanks in advance.
-Vinod Chandran

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This is a deep hole you've jumped into. Why I lead with this is that AVI is a "container" of content and does not dictate the encoding of audio or video. The same is said of MKV files.

So, the "best format" question is one that I will never answer except to write "the one that works for you."

Now if you want to edit audio, you may have to split off the audio from the AVI file first. There are tools I used in the past to do that step such as Virtual Dub. (Not an offer to write another tutorial.) Then the audio is in the clear for an audio edit. Once it's edited you can merge the audio track back into the AVI with Virtual Dub or tool of your choice.

While I mentioned one tool, there are others. Example: https://www.google.com/search?q=split+audio+from+avi+mpeg+tools

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Hi rproffitt
Thanks for the reply. If that's the case, then i think converting the whole video into a wave file is the best idea. In Nuendo, there is an option to import a video file without its audio. And its really very fast. Then i can import the converted wave audio. But this method needs two conversion process. Because the video from my client is in mp4 format. (with a low bit rate - say 1400 kbps). For a smooth playing in Nuendo, it should be something around 3500-4000. So i must convert the video first. I dont need to edit the audio in Nuendo. I just want to play and watch the video and translate each dialogue into my native language. Its very easy if i can see the waveform image of audio so that i can plan my new dialogue's lenghth. :)

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