May I request you guys to check my website eletsonline dot com and suggest me the best ways to improve its Alexa Ranking. I'm working hard from last couple of months on content updation, quality backlinks, improving website's navigation and look etc. Meantime Alexa was improving a lot, the tool was showing a rank 4,200 in India. But suddenly from last week I'm seeing the number is increasing everyday and today the figure is 5419 in India.

For me it's quite important to improve Alexa for the business. Can you guys please guide me about the best possible changes I need to do or tell me about the areas that I'm missing or any technical area seems wrong in website etc.

Many Thanks in Advance!

My advise is to stop caring about Alexa ranking. Alexa data is not real world data! There are loads of articles and blog posts online with numbers and all explaing why you shouldn't care about it.

Just put all your efforts and time in SEO.... and in optimizing your websites' performance/speed for a better user expoerience.

commented: I worry that someone is selling Alexa rank improvements. We know what a load of (insert word) that is. +14

I don't think Alexa is the best choice, you should find other sites which are more reliable. Example: Ahref

Alexa rank is a WWW rank of your website. It's not a main thing. You must be concentrate all SEO activities in your website. It's give high rank

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