Change the Background Color with onMouseover (HTML)

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Use onMouseover to change the background color of your webpage. Can be applied to change other things like images and so on.

<!-- Experiments with the mouse  vegaseat  6/15/02 -->
<!-- onMouseover, href, bgcolor -->


	<title>change the background color with onMouseover</title>

Move the cursor to the color you want ...
<a href="" onMouseover="document.bgColor='red'">Red</a>
<a href="" onMouseover="document.bgColor='orange'">Orange</a>
<a href="" onMouseover="document.bgColor='yellow'">Yellow</a>
<a href="" onMouseover="document.bgColor='green'">Green</a>
<a href="" onMouseover="document.bgColor='magenta'">Magenta</a>
<a href="" onMouseover="document.bgColor='purple'">Purple</a>

parthireach 0 Unverified User

:rolleyes: hai

prathapvs 0 Newbie Poster

i think its not working

anilexi 0 Newbie Poster

;) ;) Boring 100% Nothing Work It. Like U

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It works, just you need to fill the href="" with # so that it looks like this: href="#". Or you will have mouse click to point your browser to the start page of your site. Also you have to disable CSS background styles for particular page.

lizzeelike 0 Newbie Poster

is it possible to do this same work using outside"CSS" file?plz do reply

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pankaj dadhich 0 Newbie Poster

how can use anchor teg in html . what's type of anchor teg?

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You can do that by using CSS. Supposind you want to change the background colour of class MenuOption object:

.MenuOption:hover {
   background-color: grey;
safvansouri 0 Newbie Poster

so i got a code like onMouseOver="this.bgColor=&#39;#fb2b27&#39;" how do i change it in to green color

TonyG_cyprus 36 Newbie Poster

First of all, this thread is over 6 years old, so you are lucky to get a reply, read the rules.
Search before asking.
You are obviously very new to this if you didn't know &#39; is the ANSI code for ' and the #FB2B27is a red, #00B008 will be a green so the code is "this.bgColor=&#39;#00B008&#39;"and this will give you a green. Or you can write it "this.bgColor='#00B008'"

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