Following yesterday's interesting events - in which the story to which I referred changed three times and was then taken down within two hours of my linking to it - here's something a little lighter for the weekend. A family is auctioning its talents and above all its availability to endorse products on eBay. The story is here.

Personally I think they've missed the boat and need to be a little more cutting edge. People can use the web and particularly social media in interesting ways. Have a look at and what Ford is doing - 50 brand advocates out there blogging and Myspace-ing like nobody's business, they'll clean up.

We have nothing like that in the UK yet but it'll come. And to be honest, since some idiot went into my car overnight earlier this week while it was parked, I'd be pleased to help 'develop' the plan (and take a free car for a while in the process)!